Best Kebab Shops on the Gold Coast

When it comes to kebabs, heart and soul needs to be put in to making one.

Nothing beats a tightly rolled donor kebab stuffed with all the goodness of lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, tabouli and a swipe of hommus. There’s plenty of kebab shops on the Gold Coast and eating at the wrong one can be regretful! We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy a kebab from one of these Top 3 Best Kebab Shops on the Gold Coast.

1. Southport Kebabs


Southport kebabs always deliver a great tasting kebab, full of flavour. Not only are the kebabs mouth-watering, but the staff are friendly, the service is legendary and the value is unbeatable. You’ll be stuffed after a hearty kebab from these guys.

4A Scarborough St, Southport

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2. Supreme Kebabs, Elanora


Amazing kebabs are served up by Supreme Kebabs and the locals love it. There’s no doubt they are experts at their craft. Don’t be afraid to grab some of their mouth-watering baklava for dessert. One of the best on the Gold Coast.

The Pines Shopping Centre, 13/31 Guineas Creek Road, Elanora

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3. Miami Kebabs


We’ve been chowin down on kebabs from Miami Kebabs for over a decade.  And you know what? The kebabs taste just as good as they did back then. Hit up Miami Kebabs next time you get a craving. You’ll be glad you did.

Miami One Shopping Centre, 11/1930 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami


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