Who Are We

Top3GC.com has been created to promote the city of Gold Coast, Australia.

Our aim is to celebrate the people, places and businesses who positively contribute to making our great city one we can be proud of.

It also serves as a resource to visitors and locals alike to inspire them to experience the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer.

We have many categories and subcategories throughout the site. The goal is to provide Top 3 rankings for every category and subcategory imaginable.

How do we Decide on the Top 3?

The people, places and businesses that make our Top 3 lists earn their spot through the personal experiences of our team and feedback from the community and visitors.

How Often do we Review the Top 3?

The Top 3 in each category are reviewed every 6 months. This may result in changes in the order of the Top 3 and/or one or more current Top 3 being replaced.

In some circumstances we may make changes to the Top 3 within the 6 month period if we feel it is necessary.

The review process is intentionally informal to remain free from influence and observe day-to-day operations.

Can I Pay to Get  Into the Top 3?

Unfortunately not.

The people, places and businesses that make the Top 3 do so on their own merits.

However, there are sponsorship and partner opportunities available.

How Can I Contribute?

We encourage all feedback.

If you’ve had an experience that you believe deserves recognition, LET US KNOW! We will consider it and give you recognition if it makes it into the Top 3.

Also, if you can think of a category that we haven’t addressed, get in touch and we’ll add it to our site. This is open to anyone, even business owners who believe they can make the cut.

How Can I Get in Touch?

There are plenty of ways to contact us, either through facebook, twitter, google+ or instagram .

Make sure you keep up to date with Top 3 new releases.

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