Gold Coast’s Best Crossfit Gyms

CrossFit can be a way to get fit, a lifestyle practice or a competition and the Gold Coast has plenty of CrossFit gym locations near you. Whether you’re new to town, here for a short stay or just ready to change your life, you can’t go past one of these best CrossFit gyms on the Gold Coast. Giddy-up and get energised!

1. Crossfit Bounce, Arundel


The contagious energy that surrounds this place, as well as the positive, welcoming and non-judgmental camaraderie shared by the members is inspirational to say the least. CrossFit Bounce believe each person is on their own journey to a healthier life and these guys will be there with you through the highs and lows. CrossFit Bounce, your approach is admirable and you should be proud.

Location: 3/10 Harrington Street, Arundel

Phone 0423 906 900

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2. Reebok CrossFit, Southport

Reebok CrossFit Bundall Gold Coast

What can we say? Our experience with Reebok CrossFit has been nothing short of professional with a perfect dose of friendly! Reebok CrossFit is widely regarded as a leading CrossFit gym on the Gold Coast. Their qualified team, exceptional scheduling and knack for getting the best out of you will have you gagging for more. Trust us, YOU WILL BE HOOKED! Reebok CrossFit Gold Coast is easily one of the best CrossFit gyms on the Gold Coast and has built the ultimate place for any person of any age with any fitness level to push themselves to limits they never dreamed of Рa really fun place to get fit.

Location: 1/42 Olympic Circuit, Southport

Phone 0431 169 496

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3. CrossFit Carv, Burleigh


Well, talk about culture! The gang at CrossFit Carv have built a great community and are suitable for beginners learning the fundamentals, people who choose CrossFit as a lifestyle and those who wish to take a competitive approach. CrossFit Carv focus on the mental and physical aspects of strength, fitness and competition and have clearly announced themselves as one of the best CrossFit gyms on the Gold Coast.

Location: 3/36 Central Drive, Burleigh

Phone 0424 995 266

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