Best Beach Walks on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is of course famous for white sandy beaches and many of the world’s best beach breaks; but one shouldn’t forget that our many headlands also provide some of the best beach walks.

We’ve strolled every break from Fingal to The Spit and have narrowed it down to the Top 3 best coastal walks on the Gold Coast. Each of these are sure to relax the mind, body and soul and set the scene for spectacular photos. Here are the results of the best beach walks the Gold Coast has to offer.

1. Greenmount


Beginning at the southern end of Coolangatta Beach, at the Tweed Heads-Coolangatta Surf Club, this walk  wraps around Pat Fagan Park, sweeps along Greenmount Beach, continues to Snapper Rocks and finishes atop of Rainbow Bay. This is easily the Gold Coast’s best beach walk. This 1.4 kilometre hike takes around 18 mins from start to end, yet there’s no need to rush. The diverse terrain on this short walk keeps the senses alive and provides ample photo opportunities, but don’t be intimidated.

Despite the high headland peaks and boulder size rocks, a mix of footpaths and boardwalks will guide you all the way. This is a walk for everyone and suitable for prams, wheelchairs, kids and the elderley. A direct route through Boundary Street will have you back to your start point in 10 minutes flat; however walking back the way you came for a different perspective is strongly advised.

2. Burleigh Headland


This national park was once home to Aboriginal people who are the traditional owners of the land. It is therefore rich in history and naturally should be respected. One option is to park at the top of Goodwin Terrace and making your way around to the Tallebudgera side of the Headland. Alternatively, you could park at the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre and trek your way up to Burleigh Point. There are two ways of getting between these points – the oceanview walk or the rainforest walk.

The oceanview walk is only 1.2 kilometers, but you should allow about half an hour. The rainforest walk  is 2.3 kilometers and you should allow 45 minutes. There a number of lookouts throughout the headland that are great for whale watching in Spring and Winter. Each walk provides amazing views and the obvious thing to do would be to do both if you have the time. The rainforest walk includes some steep sections, so be mindful of your fitness level. We know you’ll agree this is one of the best beach walks on the Coast.

3. Fingal Head


Not a traditional Gold Coast beach walk. Fingal Head offers more of a unique experience. After parking your car at the top of Lighthouse Parade, you will make your way on foot beneath the trees through the Fingal Lighthouse Track. A few arterials along the way will tempt you, but are more commonly used by local surfers on the way to their favourite break. You will soon reach some stairs that take you up to the historic Fingal Head Lighthouse. At the top of the hill you will overlook basalt columns immediately below and Cook Island ahead. Thankfully, not too much has been touched here, which gives the headland it’s natural beauty. However, because of this, it is not suited for prams and wheelchairs and caution should be taken with children up at the headland as walking paths are merely sloped dirt trails.


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