Top 3 Unique Things to Do on the Gold Coast

Looking for something a little bit different?

Is something inside of you busting to get out of your same old routine and, just for once, try something you’ve never tried before? Something different? Here’s what we reckon are the Top 3 best unique things to do on the Gold Coast.


An experience like no other. provides a zero gravity relaxation therapy designed to free your body from your mind allowing your brain to completely relax. It can also assist greatly with physical recovery. Floating involves laying in a tank consisting of salt-filled water capable of supporting your body and keeping you on your back. Click here for answers to all your floating questions. So whether you’re looking for therapy or meditation (or just a cool experience), try floating and you’ll soon make it a regular part of your life.

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Lantern Ghost Tours


Ready to get creeped out? Lantern Ghost Tours are experts in searching for paranormal activity. Wander through the streets of Surfers Paradise after hours to discover the dark and seedy past of our famous holiday destination. Or why not try a tour of the Southport Cemetery? Just the thought sends tingles down your spine. Definitely one of the best ‘different’ things to do on the Gold Coast.

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Surf World Museum


We can’t hide from the fact that the Gold Coast culture is built on sand, surf and sun – nor should we. We have a lot to be proud of on the Gold Coast and celebrating our surfing culture is something locals and tourist can enjoy thanks to the Surf World museum. Get along to see historical photos, boards and other memorabilia. A fantastic initiative.

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