Gold Coast’s Top 3 Sunday Roasts

Nothing beats a good Sunday Roast.

Sitting down with the family to indulge in a roast lunch or dinner after a busy weekend is one of the great Aussie traditions. It’s the perfect way to top off the weekend before another long week at work. Lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, pork….take your pick. Smother it in gravy and mop it up with a fresh bread roll. All of this complemented with three veg. Hungry already? We’ve ranked what we think are the best Top 3 Sunday Roast’s on the Gold Coast. Gravy please!

1. Parkwood Tavern


The ‘Parky’ serves up a delicious $10 Sunday Roast in their Steakhouse Dining area. The Roast is only available on Sunday’s for dinner and is dead set the tastiest one we’ve had on the Coast to date. The perfect place to enjoy a Sunday evening meal with the family. The Parkwood Tavern Graziers Steakhouse has casual indoor and outdoor dining and boasts a kids entertainment room.

Website and Bookings

Phone: (07) 5571 5104

2. Coomera Waters Tavern


Twelve an a half bucks will get you an amazing Sunday Roast at this fine establishment. A  very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a beer or wine with one of the best Sunday Roast’s going around. Located at the end of Ragamuffin Drive, Coomera Waters, this is not just a great place for a Sunday Roast, but is an amazing dining experience all round. Definitely, worth the drive if you’re not a local.


Phone (07) 5501 9351

3. Palm Beach Hotel


Another one of the best Sunday Roasts on the Coast can be found at the Palm Beach Hotel. For around $13 (and cheaper for seniors or kids), you can enjoy their succulent ‘Roast of the Week’ served up with traditional roasted veges. We’ve been here a few times and can confirm the meat is moist and the veggies are crisp.

Sunday Lunch 12pm – 2.30pm

Sunday Dinner 6pm – 8.30pm

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Phone: (07) 5534 2188


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