Top 3 Gold Coast Duck Parks

Here’s one for the kiddies.

What kid doesn’t like feeding ducks? What parent doesn’t love free entertainment for their kids? As Gold Coasters we are fortunate to have the beaches, the hinterland and loads of green in between. For generations kids have loved the novelty of interacting with the ducks and is something that should be encouraged given the endless supply of gadgets these days designed to keep them indoors. We spent a weekend chauffeuring any kid we could get our hands on to find the best duck park on the Gold Coast. So grab your duck feed, a picnic blanket, sunnys and a hat and make your way to one or all of these duck retreats.

The RSPCA strongly advises against feeding bread to ducks. If you want to keep the ducks in our city healthy, we strongly suggest that you grab some healthy duck feed. 

1. Rosser Park, Benowa


Rosser Park is a huge park and lake area designed for BBQs, picnics,walks and of course ducks! We love feeding ducks and any other bird life that decides to tag along. Rosser Park is a truly tranquil place – a very relaxing environment. The kids are gonna love the wide open spaces and copious duck activity. There’s plenty of areas around to find your own little retreat and gaggle of ducks. By far the best duck park on the Gold Coast. Hands down!

2. Peach Drive, Robina


This one is a hidden gem for ducks. Scores of ducks converge on the bank Lake Lido. A very peaceful park with not many visitors may be just what you’re looking for. This park also comes with modern playground equipment for the kids and a short walk under the road to watch the local cricketers. A simply delightful duck pond.

3. Emerald Island Drive, Emerald Lakes


 Not a traditional duck park and, to be honest, not a lot of ducks. But there is sure to be enough to turn it into a duck feeding adventure (after a little coaxing with food). The beauty of this duck park is the French Quarter surroundings. Unique housing and a small main street makes this quaint little area just a little different than any other area on the Coast. Grab a coffee on The Boulevard and take a walk up the path that runs parallel with Neilsens Road .


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