Gold Coast’s Top 3 Dog Parks

Woof Woof.

Looking for a place to let your best friend off the leash? Nothing excites a dog more than being surrounded by dozens of playmates in the open pastures. Fortunately for us, the beautiful city of the Gold Coast has plenty of parks to fulfill their desires. Ahh, so what are the Top 3 you ask?

These are our picks…..

1. Pratten Park, Broadbeach


Situated between Broadbeach State School on Old Burleigh Road and the crashing sounds of the Pacific Ocean is Pratten Park. This Dog Park has it all – plenty of parking, BBQ area and a toilet block. It’s hard to beat this as the Gold Coast’s Best Dog Park. There’s more than enough space to let your pup off the leash at this place.


2. Albert Park, Broadbeach Waters


We’re starting to think the Councillor for Broadbeach has a thing for dogs, with 2 of our Top 3 Best Dog Parks being located in the same area. If you’ve ever driven up Bermuda Street through Broadbeach Waters to Bundall, you could be mistaken for thinking that a vast Dog Park would be nowhere in sight. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. Albert Park offers up one of the largest, if not the largest, Dog Park on the Coast. It also happens to be one of the best. Albert Park is complete with a lake, BBQ area, a toilet block, luscious green trees and bordered by million dollar homes. This is undoubtedly the most serene precinct within Broadbeach Waters for your favourite pet to get loose.


3. James Overell Park, Southport


Edging the Nerang River up towards the Broadwater on the corner of Biggs Parade and Brighton Parade, Southport is James Overell Park. A picturesque location for you and your dog to enjoy the wonders of the Gold Coast and embrace what this city is all about. A BBQ area and toilet block ensures you can stay for hours and make a day of it with friends and their canines. It’s places like this that make you realise even our dogs have it good on the Coast.



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