Top 3 Cinemas on the Gold Coast

Fancy a flick?

A Romantic night out with that special someone, or just looking for the perfect place on a miserable day? There’s a range of cinemas on the Gold Coast, from Hoyts, to Reading, to Event, the Arts Centre, Cineplex, and even Wet n Wild! To help you decide where to get away from the world for a few hours, we’ve rated what we reckon to be the Best Top 3 Cinemas on the Gold Coast.

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1. Event Cinemas, Robina Town Centre


The pinnacle of cinemas on the Gold Coast for years has been Event Cinemas on the Promenade at Robina Town Centre. Complete with Gold Class, VMax, 3D and everything you’d expect from the ideal Cinema. They have a fully stocked snacks bar with all the favourties as well as a lounge bar while you wait for a movie (or wait for the kids to finish theirs). Event Cinemas Robina also even features unique alternate content and Cine Buzz Rewards.


2. The Arts Centre Gold Coast (Bundall)


They may not have your action blockbusters, but the cinemas at the Home of the Arts (HOTA) provide the perfect film experience for those looking to appreciate independent and international films. At HOTA, you’ll find movies created for the love of film making, not money. The cinemas themselves are modest, as is the snack bar; however, the prices are very affordable. Grab a wine from the bar and a bucket of popcorn and enjoy something different.


3. Cineplex, Nerang


Here’s your blockbusters at fair prices. Cineplex at Nerang provides you with all the latest flicks at the absolute cheapest prices. Located in Price Street, Nerang, Cineplex are committed to ensuring taking the family to the movies isn’t gonna cost a month of savings. Cheers to Cineplex Nerang for looking after the little guy. We love that!

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