Top 3 Açai Bowls on the Gold Coast

Our mouths and hands have turned purple after devouring scores of Açai bowls to find the best Açai on the Gold Coast.

Each Açai bowl creator chose various forms of additional ingredients in putting together their masterpieces. Açai is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dessert – or even a snack in between! We judged on taste, texture, consistency and presentation to come up with the Top 3 Best Açai bowls on the Gold Coast.

1. Euphoria Espresso Cafe, Robina


Well, where do we start? Euphoria have great service, perfect coffee, amazing breakfasts and tasty home made snacks. AND………thankfully for us, the peeps at Euphoria know how to put together the best Açai bowl on the Gold Coast. The consistency of their Açai is spot on every time, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. What’s more, you’re bound to bump into a Titans player as we often have. We suspect the players use Euphoria as a refueling station! Don’t blame em, so do we!


2. Burger Me Fresh, Coolangatta


OMG do these guys know how to make an awesome Açai Bowl (don’t even get us started on the burgers…that’s for another day). The lady, who we presumed to be the owner, put so much love into the making and presenting the generous bowl that it’s worth the drive from anywhere on the Gold Coast. Our Açai Bowl included banana, berries, coconut and seeds. Better yet, the price was very reasonable. Please do yourself a favour. Go here for Açai. There’s nothing more we can say! Hands down one of the best Açai bowl on the Gold Coast.


3. Magic Apple, North Burleigh


This place has really developed into the perfect eatery in the area. Ordering Acai bowls from a new place always makes us nervous, but Magic Apple really nails it. With an assortment of fresh fruits, including strawberries,  grapes and berries, this is truly once of the best Acai bowls going round. When you encounter the friendly staff and the pride they have in their work, it’s no wonder that they deliver the goods! Grab a bowl and stroll from 5th Ave down to Burleigh and back. You’ll feel amazingly refreshed.

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